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What Is Video Content Marketing?

What Is Video Content Marketing
What Is Video Content Marketing?
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All You Should Know About Video Content Marketing

As the world progress in digitalization, so does marketing too.

Digital marketing has grown so big that it can now be divided into segments; of which video content marketing is one of them.

Video content marketing is a strategy belonging to the family of content marketing. Don’t get confused.

In this resource, I will be teaching you what you should know, or must have known about video content marketing.

For easy comprehension, I will be sectioning today’s lesson into 2 sub-topics, which are;

  • Introduction To Video Marketing: What it really means   [and]
  • Importance Of Video Content Marketing: Its Benefit To Your Brand

If you’re one of those business personnel wanting to know what and why you should introduce Video content marketing to your business, then read along.

Introduction To Video Content Marketing: What It Really Means

It will interest you (if not shock you) to know that a very huge number of little brands are taking advantage of video content marketing; thereby reaping its benefit in a big way.

As you may have asked yourself “What does Video Content Marketing Mean?“. It is a productive strategy of advertising that involves the making and use of video content for the sole purpose of engaging viewers thereby promoting your business.

What Video Content Marketing Involves

The active use of this type of content marketing can help your brand win over customers or, however, prospective clients, as it effectively assists them in understanding what your brand is all about in just a few minutes clip.

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Video contents have reportedly said to have a very high level of consumption in this generation, howbeit, businesses in this digital age.

A lot of customers or clients would prefer to understand your business and what it offers through a video.

You can agree with me that when a user or customer needs to learn something off a business, he or she would love to watch it.

This is because, contents in video forms fastens learning, this is why you see lots of “How Tos, What Tos and Whys” Videos gain more views.

Inasmuch as it can be resource consuming, when it comes to easily converting passersby to active customers, it is a sure and better way to go.

If you are pondering over what you would gain from investing in Video Content Marketing, you’ve got to relax, yes, I’ve got you covered!

For your benefit, I have outlined the 3 most common benefits of Video Content Marketing to your business.

Importance Of Video Content Marketing: Its Benefits To Your Business

They are, but not limited to:

Increased Customer Conversions

The dream of every brand is to enjoy huge conversions. Any business without dreams for customer conversions is no business.

This is where Video Content Marketing takes its course; it can only get better, if you do it better.

Since your customers are first of all humans, a humanly approach in advertising is needed to capture their emotions in order to click the action button. Don’t get bewildered, I am talking about Video Contents, that’s what they help you do.

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Importance Of Video Content Marketing
Importance Of Video Content Marketing

They just have a natural way of persuading potential customers to take actions, and new converts to become “Customers On Repeat Mode”.

Video Content Marketing Enhances SEO Experience

Yea, I know that feeling of “How?“. Search engines like Bing, google (and the rest of them) value video contents.

Why? Because it helps explain to their search bots or crawlers the degree of authority and level of productive knowledge you have in that field of yours.

Did you know that including a video in your content increases your chances of ranking on search engines?

When I mean increase, I’m talking about 50% – 65%? What a fascinating number! If you’re doubting this, then head over to Comscore to see for yourself.

Facilitates Customer Engagement

When your goal is about initiating customer engagement or participation, it is the bomb you need. Posting of video contents on your platform(s) can help boost your client engagement by 5X the normal participation.

Yea, the good stories you must have heard about video content in respect to user engagement is 100% true.


The use of video contents in your content marketing might be costly, but surely, its worth it. All you need to do is to ensure that you produce and publish only but quality video coverages or contents, as it shows how serious and professional your business is or can be.

What Is Video Content Marketing
What Is Video Content Marketing?

There are quite a number of other benefits you or your brand can reap from Video Content Marketing, some of which its best you experience them yourself to proclaim better.

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