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What Is On-Page SEO?

What Is On-page SEO
What Is On-page SEO?
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Quick Introduction To On-page SEO

I have been getting lots of e-mail messages from people (some whom I do know and some whom I don’t) to write on this topic.

I am very much glad that I yielded to pressure at last.

Today, in this very resource, I will be sharing a quick rundown on what On-Page SEO really means, and why it should concern you.

And as usual, to enable you understand perfectly well what On-Page SEO entails, I have categorized my teaching today into three (3) aspects; which are:

  • Introduction To On-Page SEO: What It Entails
  • Why On-Page SEO Should Concern You
  • Best On-Page SEO Tools (2020)

Introduction To On-Page SEO: What It Entails

When you try to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you realise that it is a very broad topic on its own. There are lots of terminologies which you sure need to get acquainted with.

For the moment, we will just dwell on On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that assists search engine bots in understanding the content of your page, or however, what it entails or its talking about.

It is as simple as that. And there are several ways or practices that can help you optimize your website pages (both posts and pages).

Some of those practices involve:

  • Optimizing/Writing Content Related Meta Title and Description
  • Using Related Heading Tags
  • Including Internal links within pages or page contents
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What these practices will do for you is to help better your chances of greater search engines rankings.

However, search engine optimization involves two (2) main steps which you must observe to better your content appearance of search engines. They include On-page SEO Optimization and Off-page SEO optimization

Just as the name implies, when we talk about Off-page SEO optimization, we talk of those practices you can do outside your website to better your search ranking. I will write on that soon (all you can do for now is to sign up for our newsletter and wait).

As a blogger, business personality, or brand, there’s need for you to practice On-page search engine optimization, in fact, it is more easier to achieve than Off-page SEO.

Why On-page SEO Should Concern You

It is quite simple and straightforward, you JUST NEED IT!

Have you ever seen a practicing doctor without a hospital? Or a pastor without a church?

Let me come down a bit, can you really write without a pen or ink?

These questions are very simple, and their answers you already know. Just like a certificate is important to a graduating student, that’s same for On-page SEO to bloggers or websites.

You don’t really want to ever regret diving into blogging or writing a content that was time consuming, only to discover afterwards that google, bing or other search engines didn’t pick it up, or do you? The answer is No.

So, it’s best that as you take your time to write powerful contents, you should also take time to observe the healthy practices involved in optimizing your On-page search engine optimization. That’s the least you can do.

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In my words, google, bing (and other search engines) help those who help themselves. Inasmuch as Google for instance, does not only rank your webpages based on just your on-page SEO rating (as it considers other pratices such as domain authority, social media presence, backlinks etc), there’s need to start from there. Because, the aim first of all, is to make search crawlers your friend.

While building your contents, including videos in your post has lots of good stuffs to do for you, both in On-page and Off-page SEO.

Best On-Page SEO Tools (2020)

When it comes to this type of search optimization, there are numerous tools one can use.

What these tools actually do is to compare your content or webpage with other pages (usually top pages) and then provides recommendations on how best to improve your on-page SEO.

However, not all are suitable or do work. That is why I found it very necessary to also share the two (2) best On-page SEO tools that topped the 2020 statistical charts.

These two best tools are:

They have well detailed data structures, easy to use, and their operations are quite trustworthy.

You can use one or both of these tools to enhance your On-page search engine optimization for better ranking purposes.

What Is On-page SEO
What Is On-page SEO?

In the future, we will look into other factors that contribute to the better ranking of your webpages. For now, go ahead and try out any of these tools and drop your review. I will be patiently waiting at the comment section.

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