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Become A Social Media Manager In 5 Steps

Become A Social Media Manager In 5 Steps
Become A Social Media Manager In 5 Steps
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Become A Social Media Manager

Nowadays, becoming a social media manager is easier and more lucrative as one could grab the skills involved remotely (learning online from home) and get hired/paid heavily for it.

Become A Social Media Manager
Become A Social Media Manager

No digital business or brand can survive without a social media manager (i.e without someone piloting the affairs of the business online).

In this resource, you will be learning how to become a social media manager in 5 steps, so, sit tight, grab a popcorn, and keep reading!

Study Social Media Marketing

Being successful as a social media manager requires constant learning.

Beyond developing the skills needed to perform the duties of a social media manager, you need to learn the ins and outs of the different social media platforms.

This means mastering the ability to manage both paid promotions and organic outreach on social media channels.

Paid advertising provides a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience and grow their customer base while earning a high return on their investment.

SEO is also important for social media platforms as most function as a search engine of their own. Knowing how to perform keyword research and how to structure your social media content can help you reach a highly relevant audience.

One of ways to study social media marketing, and gain the skills needed to run both PPC and organic campaigns effectively is to follow a social media marketing course.

A good course will teach you how to run PPC campaigns without wasting your budget and how to design a social media marketing strategy to take advantage of all available social media channels.

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Each platform offers a unique user base and works best with different types of content.

The popular platforms you will need to master as a social media manager include:


Facebook is a wildly popular social media platform with over 2.5 billion active users. Naturally, it has become a prime marketing asset for all sorts of businesses.

Creating business pages, joining groups, and running paid advertisements are the most common ways to connect and engage with your target audience on the platform.


Instagram allows users to post images and short videos accompanied by comments. Nearly half of all Instagram users are following at least one business and the platform is a popular outlet for learning about brands and products.


LinkedIn is a social network geared towards professionals. Users are focused on business, networking, and high-value and authoritative content like long-form blog posts and thought leadership articles.

The user base consists primarily of an older age group and there are more professionals in high-level positions than on any other platform.


Twitter isn’t as big as Facebook or Instagram but it is still a great tool when it comes to marketing.

The platform is more popular among millennials and is another go-to choice for people looking to learn about brands and businesses.


Pinterest is another image-based platform that functions similar to a search engine.

People use the platform to learn more about their interests, hobbies, and the products they want to buy.

Pinterest’s largest demographic is women with higher incomes and that platform drives a much higher return on investment than other social channels.

Develop Your Social Media Presence

One of the steps in becoming a good social media manager with positive abilities is through your own profiles. Your own profiles also provide an effective way to find new clients.

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By developing a popular online presence you can use your own accounts to display your skills and social media prowess to potential clients.

Whether you plan to work as a freelancer or hold a position with a company, you should create profiles listing your social media services on all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can also use your own accounts to experiment with new tactics before you try them with your clients’ profiles.

Understand How To Handle Social Media Marketing Tools

Operating various social media accounts for multiple clients is a complicated process.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you stay organized and streamline the process.

Here are some of the more popular social media marketing tools you’ll want to learn how to use:


Buffer is one of the popular marketing solutions that enables a digital marketer or social media manager to schedule posts for every social media platform in advance, all from a single dashboard.

Buffer marketing tool

This makes it easy to plan and manage all your content as you can see what you are posting on each social media channel in a single place.

More so, it also provides useful analytics you can use to track the performance of your social media accounts.


Hootsuite is a detail-oriented social media management tool that facilities the process of managing multiple campaigns. Instead of managing each social account in isolation, you can use Hootsuite to oversee them all from a single dashboard.

Hootsuite marketing tool

The platform allows you to schedule posts, collaborate with your team, and track messages and conversations.

Opt In For Social Media Manager Jobs

If you are more than eager to work in a salaried position than owning your own social media marketing agency, then you could get a job as a social media manager at a serious company or an agency.

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Social media manager jobs

In addition, there are various job vacancy/recruitment portals through which you could search for a space as social media manager at a firm. To mention but a few, they include;

  • Google for Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • WeWorkRemotely
  • American Marketing Association
  • ZipRecruiter
  • AngelList

However, You could as well, leverage your personal connections to check whether any of your networks may assist you in securing a vacant position.

More over, you can also acquire few social media marketing certifications to enable you stand out from the crowd. Such includes courses from popular platforms like Twitter, HootSuite, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Launch An Owned Social Media Marketing Agency

Nevertheless, If you do not want to work as a social media employee, then it calls for a need to begin your own digital marketing or social media agency.

Next in line, the first step to go about it is selecting your media niche.

Therefore, you could decide to focus in a single industry or network with clients from a variety of different sectors.

Once you have a better knowledge of the kind of clients you will target, and the services you will offer, then you should commence developing your team.


It will interest you to note that Social Media Managers or/and experts have different responsibilities that involves;

Planning and posting contents
Connecting with influencers and customers
Monitoring what people are saying about the brand across the web.

In order to deliver these duties, a social media manager must build various kinds of skills involving copywriting, graphic design, research, time management, and communication.

Become A Social Media Manager In 5 Steps
Become A Social Media Manager In 5 Steps

In this digital age, becoming a social media manager has become an interesting, and highly paid occupation. So, go get the skills today and become one sooner in the future.


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