Home SEO Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO: Which Is Best?

Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO: Which Is Best?

Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO
Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO
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Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO

I have gotten quite a number of requests to do justice to this topic. Well, your wishes are my command.

In this resource, we would checkmate the differential functions and similar functions between Rank Math SEO plugin and Yoast SEO plugin, as well as visible features.

I will be comparing Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO based on:

  • User Interface
  • Focus Keyword Feature
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO Performance

Note, for newbies, these two plugins are WordPress SEO plugins that can assist you on the best ways of optimizing your blog contents for better SEO rankings.


Rank Math SEO has a cleaner and more better user interface than Yoast SEO as it was designed and divided into two modules;

Easy—For beginners who eventually would want Rank Math to do all required settings for them.

Advanced—Which is as the name implies, for those SEO technically inclined, and would from scratch prefer doing all set ups by themselves.

Yoast SEO Plugin lacks this modules.

In addition, the Yoast SEO possess a kind of old-looking user interface, but, however is a very high productive interface.


The Rank Math SEO plugin usually permits users to input up to 5 keywords for optimization. In order to increase the limitation, you’ve got to add a filter to your blog page editor.

Rank Math SEO Keyword
Rank Math SEO Keyword

In contrast, Yoast SEO plugin isn’t an flexible in keywords as that of Rank Math as it only permits you to add only one keyword (Free version), and more than (Pro version).

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  • Both provides preview snippets for mobile and desktop versions
  • Both also have same setup format for the title, meta, and permalink

A quick flash: If you’ve used Yoast Search Engine Optimization Plugin, you must have seen this before now:

Yoast User Interface
Yoast User Interface

Yes, they’re the optimization trackers to assist your publish high ranking contents.

Rank Math SEO plugin in somewhat ways guarantees the most recent and productive template/tracker to optimize your content.

Why say so? yes, for instance, Yoast search engine optimization plugin mandates you to assign the specific keyword(s) within the first sentence, but Rank Math SEO plugin mandates you to assign the specific keyword within the first paragraph.

This indirectly tells us that for your content to rank, it’s no longer mandatory for the specific keyword to be within the first sentence.


This is an importance aspect to consider, for that course, lets analyze their Performance by simply grouping it into two stages—SEO Performance and Plugin Performance.—It will be bad for me to say that one is in terms of SEO performance better than another, but according to what is obvious to the public, Rank Math SEO offers a higher set of SEO features than the Yoast search engine optimization plugin, and you know what that means.

Plugin Performance—Rank Math SEO has a 3x lower plugin complexity than the Yoast SEO plugin.

Rank Math VS Yoast
Rank Math VS Yoast


Rank Math SEO is a modern search engine optimization plugin that comes with a Simpler User interface, which makes use of the most recent optimization methods, permitting you to input imitless keywords thereby providing a better content optimization.

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On the other hand, Yoast SEO plugin must not be overlooked or underestimated as it will for surety, be fascinating to see how they refurbish/intensify their productivity. We hope for nothing less, as they have recorded more years of durability and work experience.

Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO
Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO

Now, the ball is yours to kick. Lets say you were called up to speak, Rank Math SEO VS Yoast SEO. What’s your take? Let’s interact via the comment section.


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