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Introduction To Off-page SEO – The Beginner Guide

introduction to Off-page SEO
Introduction To Off-page SEO
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Off-page SEO For Beginners

Few days ago, I started a beginner class on SEO, where I categorically listed the two broad types of Search Engine Optimization Practices.

If you were actively following my articles, you would recall that i stated that the two broad types of SEO practices are; On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

If you missed the previous article that talked about On-page SEO, I strongly advise that you head over there and update yourself.

Just as l promised that I would write on Off-page SEO later, today is that day you’ve been waiting for.

Quickly before we start scaling, I would love to brief you on the phases of knowledge you’re to encounter in this resource. And they are;

  • Introduction To Off-page SEO
  • How To Do Off-page SEO + What’s Involved
  • How Necessary Off-page SEO Can Be To Your Business Site.

Introduction To Off-page SEO

I will start by saying that Off-page Search Engine Optimization is the opposite of On-page Search Engine Optimization. In the sense that, while On-page SEO involves your optimized actions within your site, Off-page SEO are the dealings outside your blog or website.

How To Do Off-page SEO + What’s Involved

To be more precise, Off-page SEO are those practices you do outside your website for the sole purpose of site optimization, in order to attain better rankings in search engines.

Such practices include but not limited to;

  • Media/Social Engagement [and]
  • Backlinks (otherwise called Link Building)
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Media/Social Engagement:

Media or Social engagement is one of the Off-page SEO practices that assists search engines like bing, google, yandex etc to ascertain the degree of your blog or website’s usefulness. It tells search crawlers whether your website possesses a reasonable level of authority to rank in the first page.

This is to say that, the more social engagement you have [such as; Facebook comments, Brand mentions, Retweets (twitter), Facebook shares, Twitter tags, Facebook likes and the rest of them] they more search crawlers pay attention to you.

This is one of the ranking factors, especially in google, as it shows that you’re grounded or/and popular in what you do.

So, I can boldly tell you that the first step towards starting your Off-page SEO practices is to build up optimized social media profiles. By optimized, I mean that you should make sure that when search crawlers crawl your social media profiles, pages, groups etc, such crawlers should be able to grab a reasonable amount of information that points to your blog or website.

And if your website or blog has pages across media platforms, consider running paid promotions at some points. This has its own way of contributing to a better domain authority.

Backlinks (or rather, Link Building):

This is the common, difficult, but however, most effective amongst all other Off-page SEO Practices. Backlinks or link building is all about having similar websites point to yours.

This is very difficult to achieve, because nobody would just wake up and give you a link back; you’ve got to earn it!

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For other similar sites to point to you, it simply means that you are a “god” in your field.

What do I mean? I am saying that for them to link to your website or blog, you must have exerted a high level of expertise in your fields starting from the kind of quality and verifiable contents you publish.

Websites or blogs that are able to solves global issues, answer difficult or professional questions, produce statistical data have a higher chance of getting natural links pointing to them as a source.

Search engines observe these things, because such tells how valuable your brand or site has become to many across the globe. It serves more like a vote of confidence.

When google, bing or other search engines notice these authoritative profile of yours, they are forced to put you in the first page of related queries.

However, you shouldn’t be so deceived that you go extra miles in search of backlinks. Search engines have become smarter than you think.

The act of buying backlinks–artificial links is your first step into Search Doom. And once you’re blacklisted by search crawlers, the game is Over!

So, its best you go the tough way–that’s to publish quality contents. As far as you publish unique contents, people, competitors, similar sites will link back. You just have to wait for it, at least, that’s the best you can do to gain natural links (links free from search penalties).

How Necessary Off-page SEO Can Be To Your Business Site

There are lots of benefits one can enjoy from doing Off-page SEO. However, to mention just the prime ones, Off-page SEO does the following;

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Increases Your Website And Webpage Ranking:

Doing Off-page SEO in the right way will not just make your site friends with search crawlers, it will also lead to an increase in you webpage ranking. And in subsequent times, your domain authority will rise too. If you have already started the Off-page SEO practices, pay attention to your PageRank and domain authority, you will definitely see a push-up which is usually within the range of zero to ten (0 – 10, for page rank) and one to a hundred (1 – 100, for domain authority).

You can easily monitor these growth with SEO tools like Moz SEO Analysis, Prepostseo Domain Checker, or/and many other reliable tools.

Helps Increase Website Traffic:

Once you consistently start ranking on the first or even the second page of Search engines, you’re made forever!

introduction to Off-page SEO
Introduction To Off-page SEO – The Beginner Guide

You know what it means? It means you will be enjoying blog or site traffic in excess. And you know what follows? Revenue! Increased Revenue!! I mean Revenue!!!


It’s best you go about your search engine optimization the hard way, because that’s the only genuine way to reap from SEO. Make sure you practice both On-page and Off-page SEO, so as to experience faster results. Doing SEO can be frustrating, but when its time to reap from your efforts, you laugh away the difficult memories. Remain focused, and keep grinding till you achieve SEO.

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