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Why Marketing Automation Softwares?

6 Most Used Marketing Automation Softwares
6 Most Used Marketing Automation Softwares
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Marketing Automation Softwares

Digital marketing has taken another new shape unlike the past decades, when it was still on the developing stage. Who would had ever believed that a time will come when we will have Marketing Automation Softwares that could do literally everything we did manually while marketing our products/services years back? Well, just a few did.

It’s still funny that some business employers or owners still no nothing about the use of Marketing Automation Tools.

Which is why before I go ahead to share with you the 6 most used marketing automation softwares, it’s very important that I give you a quick introduction to Marketing Automation.

In order to foster faster understanding, I have divided today’s teaching into three (3), which are:

  • Introduction To Marketing Automation Softwares
  • Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Marketing Automation Softwares
  • 6 Most Used Marketing Automation Tools

Introduction To Marketing Automation Softwares

You would agree with me that Digital marketing has so benched the Traditional Marketing strategy, not just that, but has become complex, yet effective over time.

Inasmuch as Digital marketing has gone beyond just buying and selling on the web or social media, its complexity has been neutralized by the presence of Marketing Automation Tools.

Business owners no longer need to keep swimming in confusion and business devastation, as all you’ve got to do as a brand owner is choosing the right Marketing Automation Tools For Your Business.

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There is a question I failed to ask you from the beginning, which is “What Do You Think Marketing Automation Softwares Are?”

Well, I just asked now, and should in case you don’t know, I will give you an answer shortly.

Marketing Automation Softwares or tools are any tools or rather, softwares designed to assist you in automating, building and optimizing all kinds of digital marketing campaigns.

In addition, Marketing Automation Tools assist in nurturing, qualifying or/and generating leads.

Don’t mistake Marketing automation software to be customer relationship management (CRM). Inasmuch as they both work hand in gloves, they don’t have the same functions.

The Difference Is: As Marketing Automation Tools Focus On Handling Marketing Tasks, CRM softwares only focus on sales activities and customer Relationship/communication.

Furthermore, there are various categories of Marketing Automation Tools, and they are;

  • Advertising management
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Social media marketing   [and]
  • Live Chat System

They all have their unique  impacts, functions and ways of taking your business or brand to its next level.

Marketing Automation Softwares
Marketing Automation Softwares

You must be now ready to choose an automation system for your business, however, just wait for some minutes.

Why should you wait a little bit? You should because it’s very vital to consider somethings before choosing your Marketing Automation Softwares for your business, else you might land in regrets.

This leads us to the next phase of this resource.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Marketing Automation Softwares

Since there are close to thousands of marketing automation tools on web market, choosing the very best may seem very difficult. This is why I have summarized the most important things to consider before making your choice.

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Before taking a decision, on what tools are best for your business, you really need to consider these three (3) things;

  • The Type Of Business You Do
  • The Size Of Your Business [and]
  • The Automation Software Features

This is because most Marketing Automation Softwares come in Plans/Grades.

There are tools for Large Businesses, Medium Businesses and Small Business. The tools meant for each of the set of businesses are specifically designed for such sets respectively, this means that choosing a software meant for another will not work effectively for you. Negligence to this fact may either crash your business, or put it in a very bad irreversible state in time to come.

So I advise you to first run a feasibility study on your business. After that, you also need to read about the features of the Marketing Automation Softwares you may need to use, then make your final selection based on the qualifications or features of such tools for your type and size of business.

However, should in case you still found it difficult to make your final decision, just continue reading.

6 Most Used Automation Marketing Softwares

I have outlined below the 6 most used automation marketing softwares together with a very brief business matching. They are:

HubSpot – The best for anything customer service, sales or/and marketing automation

Pardot by Salesforce – Which is best for Business2Business (B2B) organizations

Freshmarketer –The overall best for small or medium business size.

Act-On – Which is better for business marketing agencies

ActiveCampaign – Which is rated best for email marketing

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Acoustic – Ranked the best for only enterprise multi-channel marketing automation

NOTE: These listed Marketing Automation Softwares were selected based on my personal research. You have the right to ignore any listed, and do your own business research.

6 Most Used Marketing Automation Softwares
6 Most Used Marketing Automation Softwares

I hope this resource was very helpful to you. I will be glad to see you make the right choice, as I’m always in my happiest mood when I see businesses scale through against all odds.

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