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SEO Keyword Research For Beginners

Introduction To SEO Keyword Research
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SEO Keyword Research

You might have heard a lot about SEO Keyword Research, but still left in the dark.

Hearing, Knowing, and Doing SEO Keyword Research are entirely different things.

This is to say that you can keep hearing or knowing (reading about) SEO but still don’t know the “DO” part of it.

Search Engine Optimization, itself can be frustrating, in fact it is frustrating to begin with. However, it can be a lot easier if you understand certain Terminologies, Principles and how to put them into effective use.

This is a SEO – Beginner resource, to help you understand SEO Keyword Research better than you already know. It’s time you learn the “DO” part.

In this resource, you will be Introduced to SEO Keyword scratch from basics, and to achieve that, we will be looking into;

  • The Meaning Of SEO Keyword Research
  • The Importance Of SEO Keyword Research
  • The Kinds Of Keywords
  • Requirements/Tools For SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Keyword Research Strategies

The Meaning Of SEO Keyword Research

Keyword search is simply all about discovering power words that can fetch you a large number of site visitors. They are those queries easily searched or typed on search engines by people seeking one thing or the other.

Have you ever wondered why you keep on seeing particular set of sites ranking your Search Engine Result Page? Yea, such websites are heavily practicing SEO + keyword research.

For instance; a lady newly turned mother may decide to gift her baby boy a stroller, and she types ‘Best Baby Stroller’ on a search engine like Google or any other.

SEO Keyword Research

The search engine, Google for instance, will show different specifically related searches for such query. Those can be referred to as keywords to such query.

In SEO, and to do SEO Keyword Research very well, there are few terminologies that you need understand, and they are:

Keyword—which is that question customers are surfing to discover something or acquire a solution.

Volume—which shows you the mass number of users surfing specific power-word (keyword) on monthly basis.

Trend—reveals to you whether the user-search for such focus key is increasing or declining.

Keyword difficulty—explains to the searcher on how simple or challenging such focus key is.

Having understood what these terminologies stand to mean, it’s time I open your eyes on the importance of SEO Keyword Research.

The Importance Of SEO Keyword Research

With mincing words, SEO Keyword Research enables bloggers or business owners identify Focus Keys that will yield massive traffic.

It is economistic in nature—that’s to say that you get FREE traffic, which we refer to as Organic Traffics, with no worries of spending money on Paid search programs.

Practicing a Good SEO Keyword Research earns you traffic in its excess, which at the end earns you more Advertisement revenue. Once you have good amount of traffic, advertisers will begin to locate you. You can as well apply for third party advertisment programs with no worry of rejection.

You may be asking, ‘are there different kinds of Keywords?’ in the industry? Well, this leads us to the various kinds of SEO Keyword Research.

Kinds Of SEO Keywords

There are various kinds of SEO Keyword in use, which solely depends on what the people are likely searching for.

Based on what people have searched so far, we can group them into;

  • Commercial keywords
  • Transactional keywords
  • Informational Keywords
  • Navigational Keywords

More so, SEO Focus Keys can also be grouped based on numbers;

This brings us to the part where you have to know the tools or requirements you need to complete a successful SEO Keyword Search.

Requirement/Tools For SEO Keyword Research

Basically you need;

  • A free or paid Keyword Research Tool and a list of Power-words (known as seed words)
  • A compilation of successful SEO business domains, which are obviously your competitors.
  • A document, either Notepad or excel to take down the words or do your selection and
  • A keyword ranking tool

In carrying out SEO Keyword Research, there are various strategies you can make do with.

This leads us to the next on the list.

SEO Keyword Research Strategies

It will interest you to know that there are different strategies in achieving this. Since this is a beginner lesson, lets look into these few:

Strategy 1: Surf A Competitor Keyword

I listed this as number one because it is possibly the most simple method to research those keywords, doing perfectly for a site like yours.

Other Strategy: Making Use Of Seed Words and Keyword Gap

How To Do SEO Keyword Research

Inasmuch as this could eat up your time, they certainly will assist you in finding untapped Focus Keys.

SEO Seed Keyword Research

To do this, you can make use of SEMRush, by heading over to their site, inputting your seed words, choosing your country correctly, and finally, clicking on the ‘Search’ button.

Introduction To SEO Keyword Research

I sincerely believe that this resource went as far as educating you on the “What Tos and How Tos” of SEO Keyword Research. Well, this is a Beginner-Guide. Next time, we will be going a bit advanced. Thank you for staying till the end.



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