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Introduction To LSI Keywords – Beginner Guide

Introduction To LSI Keywords
Introduction To LSI Keywords – Beginner Guide
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Introduction To LSI Keywords

There are series of practices that are important to brands or bloggers practising SEO, and one of those practices is “The Use Of LSI Keywords“.

Google or any other search engine do not do magic to find out what your page or post is talking about. There are parameters crawlers use to fetch the accurate profile of a page, and one of those parameters is LSI Keywords.

In this resource, it’s important that I introduce LSI Keywords to you, and in order to achieve that, I will share the knowledge in groups;

  • What LSI Keyword Means
  • How To Find LSI Keywords
  • Importance Of LSI Keywords To Your Page Contents
  • How To Use LSI Keywords

As a content writer or marketer, doing search engine optimization goes beyond finding keywords and writing articles based on your researched keywords or keyphrases. You need to help search engines to get helped in return.

What LSI Keywords Mean

L — Latent
S — Semantic
I — Indexing

Noting the following abbreviations above, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords are those words or phrases that assists search engines like google, bing, yandex etc, to comprehensively decipher a page content on your blog or website.

Please ignore SEOprofilers or tutors that may tell you that LSI Keywords are “the synonym words of your original keyword”❌
As you can see, I marked it bad. LSI Keywords are not synonymous to your original keyword(s), though they could present themselves as one.

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Don’t get pissed off already. LSI Keywords are those words that serve as a “helping hand” in making sure that search engines do not misunderstand your content. Just as you were taught in school about “Auxiliary verbs”– which are verbs that assists the main verbs.

How To Find LSI Keywords

That’s the same situation with Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords. For instance, if your brand wrote about “Apple”. There are words you should use (such as, earpiece, charger, battery etc) to let Search engines know that your page content is talking about a phone called Apple/ IPhone, and not the edible apple. Now, did you see that LSI Keywords aren’t necessarily synonyms to the main keyword. You could judge that from the cited example, so go ahead and unlearn the wrong knowledge you’ve got about this.

Having understood what Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords stand for, the next question on your mind, I guess, should be “How Do I Find an LSI Keyword?” Relax, sip wine, and keep grinding.

How To Find LSI Keywords

There are basically two ways of doing this, and they are;

The manual method–where you go to your browser, and type in your keyword or keyphrase. Those queries, usually situated at the end of the search page that shows you other related keywords (some, in form of questions) that users are surfing for can be referred to as LSI Keywords.

What Are LSI Keywords

The Keyword Tool Method–which involves the use of software tools like LSI Graph, Keyword Tool or/and others to generate your desired Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.

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It is unfortunate to see bloggers or brands belittle the use or importance of LSI keyword practice. Allow me to share with you the common benefits anyone observing LSI Keyword practice stand to enjoy.

Importance Of LSI Keywords To Your Page Content

The use of Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords while writing your content is undeniably important as they;

(a) Help search engines verify the relationship between your content headline and the content itself.

(b) Help double your chances of ranking in the first page of Search engines

(c) Ensure that search crawlers crawl your page content in a manner that shows that they understood perfectly well what it was all about. By so doing, you become friends with search engine crawlers.

So, how do you go about Lantent Semantic Indexing Keywords in your next article publication? What are you expected to do? You would find out shortly my friend.

How To Use LSI Keywords

Permit me to rephrase this to “Where To Position the Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

Well, it’s that simple, as there’s nothing extraordinary or different from that which you do frequently.

All you have to do, is to first of all, do your LSI Keywords research via any of the methods I mentioned earlier. Then, head over to your page or post content, and affix those Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords to your headline, subheadings, tags, meta description and image alternate text.

Bravo! You have successfully used LSI Keywords in your page contents. However, I strongly advise that you do not abuse such practice. Always make sure that your keyword density is within an acceptable number or percentage; you can easily track it if you use SEO WordPress tools like RankMath or Yoast.

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Introduction To LSI Keywords
Introduction To LSI Keywords – Beginner Guide

I so much believe that by including Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in your blog contents, you would notice an increase in your PageRank, and search impression. I love to hear testimonies, so don’t forget to share them here, once you start reaping good stuff from using LSI Keywords.

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