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5 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers

6 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers
6 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers
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5 Ways To Increase Email Subscribers

Introduction To Email Marketing (Email Subscription)

Email marketing has gradually grown to be one of the best digital marketing practices any digital marketer or business owner can’t do without, that’s why you must know and use these 5 practices that increase email subscribers.

Gathering email subscribers sounds easier, but that’s not really so. It can frustrate a digital marketer out of operation.

6 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers

Instead of regulating your emails or newsletters manually, it is advisable to make use of email automated programs like Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, ConvertKit etc.

You can research on more email automated services on Google, if you’re not satisfied with the services of those listed here.

After you must have signed up with an email service provider, then you can go ahead to embed the form to your site or blog, at a position where your web visitors can easily find and subscribe to your list.

Now, how do you grow your email subscribers? What are the 5 practices that increase email subscribers? Keep reading, you’ll find out soon.

5 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers

Publish Relevant + Unique Contents

The first thing you must have on your website or blog before seeking for email subscribers is “Unique contents“.

No website visitor would love to be added to an email list, when they find no value in your publications.

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Publishing relevant subjects or content, as a whole, will encourage them into signing up to your email list without thinking twice.

Email Subscribers are very careful signing up newsletters nowadays because, nobody would love to have his or her email spammed with irrelevant contents.

Explain The Objective Of Your Email List

This is one of the 5 practices that increase email subscribers that requires you to put up a description about the purpose of your email subscription box.

Email Subscribers or site visitors will also love to understand what they stand to get when they sign up. They are mostly inquisitive, so letting them know the kind of service(s) they’re about signing up will not only encourage them to do so, but also keep them active whenever they receive your email notifications. So, telling them the kind of email notifications they’re likely to get will positively affect your email bounce or/and open rates.

Subscription Simplicity

One of the factors that affect email list growth, is the position of the email subscription box.

While embedding your sign up form or box, ask yourself whether the place you’ve got in mind is very visible, and easily found.

How To Grow Email List

Normally, we position our email sign up box at the footer or sidebar. However, that has proven less effective over the years. In order to increase email subscribers, consider placing your email subscription form or box within your post/page contents. Doing so, not only makes it visible, but also facilities quick action.

Request For Limited User Data

Demanding for too much + sensitive information from your potential email subscribers can scare them away.

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Requesting for uncommon data has a way of instigating negative thoughts or fear in them. Keeping your data request simple will help you increase email subscribers. You can request just their Email address, and move on. Any other data you might need can be gotten later when you interact with them in subsequent mails.

Initiate An Email Welcome Message

This is the initial email they should get from you or your brand just after they’ve confirmed their email address. As far as you’re interested in growing your email list, this is one of the 5 practices that increase email subscribers that you must do.

A welcome mail has a way of positioning your subscribers’ mind positively, and ready for future mails.


Growing your email list is quite easier when you use automated email service providers, other than manually managing the whole process.

Again, it is advisable to sign up to an email service provider other than going manual. Why? This is because by using an email service provider, you have free editable email templates feature that could present your business in a more brandy way.

6 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers
6 Practices That Increase Email Subscribers

Are you already using an email service provider? If YES, please share your experiences in the comment section. And, if NO, what are you waiting for? Lets talk about it at the comment section.


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