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How To Unblock Facebook In Any Country

how to unblock facebook in any country
How To Unblock Facebook In Any Country
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Unblock Facebook In Your Country

Knowing that Facebook is one of the most popular Social networking site in the world, there are still countries whose government banned Facebook for one reason or the other. For instance countries like Pakistan due to some religious reasons.

Facebook as a media platform has lots of benefits in stock for businesses. If you’re a business personality, but got unfortunate to be in the those countries the banned Facebook, relax! and take a deep breathe.

I bring you good news today! I will be sharing the four (4) easiest ways on How To Unblock Facebook in your country.

The 4 Easiest Methods To Unblock Facebook

There might be various ways to Unblock Facebook, but for surety, I will share the 4 easiest ways out of them all.

The first on my list is;

Using VPN Software

Just as you know the wonders of VPN, you shouldn’t be amazed that you could by-pass or access a blocked Facebook using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

It is so far the best and however, most reliable method to unblock Facebook. Previously, one can enjoy a VPN access only through a personal computer or laptop, but recently, reverse is the case. Anybody can make use of a VPN with a mobile phone, as they are now compatible and mobile friendly.

how to unblock facebook

According to my experience, the two best VPN providers that can guarantee an easy journey as you Unblock Facebook in your country are;

They are most reliable and mobile friendly with affordable plans.

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The second method you could use to Unblock Facebook in your country is by making use of Proxy Websites.

Proxy Websites

A Proxy website operates perfectly well as an alternative pathway to Facebook.

The interesting part of it is that Filters would not be capable of detecting the website.

NOTE: While using this Proxy Websites, the safety of your privacy or password is not guaranteed.

However, if you still insist on using this method to unban Facebook in your country, then I advise you make use of HidemyAss.

If the first two on my list do not suit you, you can try out Ultra Surf.

Ultra Surf

If you do browse through proxy, then you must have come across Ultra Surf either through adverts or search engines. Ultra Surf is another proxy provider that permits one to browse via proxy; available as a chrome add-on and desktop software version.

To make use of it, you are prompted to do a little change in your internet connection set up.

The last but not the least my list is the FreeGate.


In case you have tested Ultra Surf, but you’re little or not impressed over its pattern of operation, there is an alternative; which is the FreeGate.

It is just a very small software that prompts installation first before use.

FreeGate has an easy set up pattern and user interface.

These are the four (4) fastest and reliable ways to Unblock Facebook in your country. All you need to do, is to take anyone of your choosing, and bravo!.

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how to unblock facebook in any country
How To Unblock Facebook In Any Country

If you feel there are other reliable tools that can Unblock Facebook in any country; which you have already tried and working well, you can draw my attention via the comment section. Lets have a review on them or it.


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