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How To Make Use Of Bing URL Submission WP Plugin

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Bing URL Submission now made easier!

Do you know that the quickest and most reliable method of appearing on Bing search is just by subjecting your website to Bing webmaster tool? Yes, you should know. However, for the sake of newbies, lets continue.

Bing webmaster tool, just like that of Google webmaster tool helps publishers/blogs/website become visible on Bing search, which further presents beneficial information for optimizing your blog or/and website for Bing search engine.

GOODNEWS: Bing URL Submissions WordPress plugin is a newly launched plugin by creators of Bing webmaster tool to enable WordPress bloggers, or sites hosted on wordpress enhance visibility on Bing search.

It will interest you to note that this plugin more than you could ask of, with the most tremendous one being that it assists you in getting quick indexing on Bing search.

If your website is not yet indexed by Bing search, then you have got every reason to make use of the newly launched Bing URL submission WordPress plugin.

FEATURES Of The Newly Launched Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin Includes:

  • The capacity to toggle the automated submission feature either on or off.
  • Manually put up a URL to Bing Index.
    View list of latest URL submissions from the plugin.
  • Retry failed submissions from the current submissions list.
  • Download the latest URL submissions for SEO analysis.

It is tested and trusted, I have installed and activated the plugin to enhance the crawling and indexing of my most recent articles on Bing search.

You can go ahead and make use of the plugin If you are in any way facing Bing index or are in need of a more quicker indexing on Bing index.

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This Is How To Activate And Configure The Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin Correctly:

  • Search, Install and Activate Bing URL submission plugin via the “Add Plugin” tab on WordPress
  • Click on settings (under the plugin name) and it will request for the API key
  • Sign in to Bing webmaster tool dashboard to acquire your API key
  • Finally, choose your site, click on on settings — API Access — Generate API key

Shortly after inputting the API key into the Bing WordPress plugin settings, a dashboard like that below will appear:

Bing URL submission plugin
Bing URL submission plugin

You can then Click on “Submit URL” to submit any of your newest article/content on Bing search engine for quick indexing.

Submit URL to bing search
Submit URL to bing search

Please, recall that Bing webmaster generally options your articles for indexation via sitemap i.e if you have submitted your blogsite to Bing through Bing webmaster tool. This plugin is just for extras, and quicker actions.

If you’re not facing any Bing crawling or/and indexing challenge on Bing search engine, then this plugin isn’t a must have for you.

In summary, Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin is a wonderful extension to acquire for manual Bing search indexation.

Do let me know if this plugin works perfectly well for you. Cheers!


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