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How To Increase Site Traffic With Zero Budget

How To Increase Site Traffic With Zero Budget
How To Increase Site Traffic With Zero Budget
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How To Increase Site Traffic

Creating a blog space or website isn’t enough to start winning traffic. A lot of businesses, brands, bloggers Have been so frustrated in terms of earning blog or site traffic. There’s so much said about “Driving Site Traffic“, but at some point, you discover that you’ve done virtually everything you’ve heard or they’ve said about it; leaving you no other option but to spend more cash for traffic.

In this resource, you will be learning the free ways on how to increase site traffic with zero budget.

Increase Blog Traffic

You might have heard them before, but hopefully, you may have missed something in everything you’ve heard about driving blog traffic with zero budget.

As a beginner writer, site owner or blogger, with zero cash to seek traffic, here are the 5 natural ways on how to increase site traffic;

Writing Short & Unique Headlines

This should be your number one priority while writing a site or blog content. Remember, that your goal is to position your content where people or visitors can easily find it. For you to rank in the first page of any search engine, you must make sure that search engine crawlers are able to easily identify what your content reads.

Now, the first step in ensuring that happens, is to optimize your site or blog post caption. It must be short, precise and carry the major keywords for which you’re writing about. By so doing, you’re already working your way to having your website contents appear on the first two pages in search engines’ result.

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Produce Regular Rich Content

Unlike years back, where anyone could copy other blogs or web contents, post on their websites or blog sites, and still rank higher than the original writer or source. Search engine crawlers are no longer naive, as they have advanced in detecting the initial source of any content on the web. This is to say that, for you to increase site traffic, you must work harder and smarter in publishing your very own contents. Delete all scrapped contents on your site or blog (if there’s one), and sign up to writing your own unique contents.

Everything about your contents must be uniquely arranged and in an understandable and correct formatting, starting from the message itself, infographics/photos/images, videos, audios etc.

Website Or Blog SEO optimization

As a beginner-writer or blogger with no budget, yet craving for an increase in site traffic, achieving Search Engine Optimization is all you need.

Your ability to have a SEO optimized website, blog site, or even SEO Friendly contents is the “big fish” or “Starting Point” to experiencing genuine and large amount of traffic.

You can start by making sure that you submit your blog or site to search engines webmasters like (Google search console, bing webmaster, yandex, yahoo, and may others).

Performing Keyword Research To Increase Site Traffic

Just before you launch your notepad, MS word or Content Marketing System (CMS) to begin writing your blog post, ask yourself whether you’ve done a keyword research.

How To Increase Site Traffic

In order to write extensively, but within relevant topics or headlines, you must conduct a keyword research to understand the needs of searchers, to have a gross knowledge of what users are searching for.

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Writing subjects that are sought for by search engine users increases your contents’ relevancy scores, thereby positioning your contents where users or Searchers can find them without intense searching.

Social Media Engagement + Promotion = Increased Site Traffic

Are you done publishing your contents? If yes, then Congratulations!

But, that’s not the end of it all. There is also need for you to explore the presence of social media, as it has a way of indirectly boosting your Page or domain authority. Depending on the kind of contents you or your brand produces, you can maximize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube etc

Those little comments, page likes, post likes, post shares, retweets, mentions etc matter a lot. So you’ve got to go a little bit extra mile to get them on your contents, even if it requires you boosting your contents with at least $2 dollars on social media, it may seem small, but yields great positive impacts.

How To Increase Site Traffic With Zero Budget
How To Increase Site Traffic With Zero Budget

So stand to your feet, and get back to blogging or writing! You have all it takes to rank on search engines. You’ve got all you need to achieve and enjoy free SEO traffic. Huge organic traffic comes to publishers that worked uniquely for it.


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