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What To Do Before You Host A Twitter Chat

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6 Things To Do Before You Host A Twitter Chat
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What To Do Before You Host A Twitter Chat

Twitter has gradually become better than it was yesterday, with the new “Tweetchat” feature. Before now, on twitter, one can only tweet, and not chat with the other.

As the world keeps going, twitter keeps releasing new updates, which is very interesting.

Since Twitter is not like other social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc, hosting a chat can be confusing or feared.

hosting a tweetchat
Hosting a tweetchat

In this resource, I will be sharing with you the six (6) basic things you need to put in place in order to successfully host a twitter chat.

These 6 basic principles are:

Choosing A Relevant Subject

Before you host a twitter chat, it is quite very expedient to think of an important topic that relates with your line of business. Inasmuch as it should relate with your brand, you must present it in a more palatable way, so as to capture the interest of your followers. Twitter can be bored by a boring topic, so please put this into consideration while choosing a topic.

While picking a topic to host a twitter chat, it is also important that you make a research, this will help show you how free or unique such a chosen subject can be to your audience.

Selecting A Related Hashtag

Shortly after deciding on what topic to discuss about in the tweetchat, the next thing to do is to select a relevant or related hashtag.

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Why? Because the power of hashtags can’t be overemphasized, as they are strong contributors of post visibility, both in twitter and other social media platforms.

So, choosing the right hashtags for your event, topic or tweetchat is as important as choosing a topic. To successfully host a twitter chat, you need to get this right at first.

More so, the chosen hashtag(s) must be short, easy memorize and spell by your followers.

Choosing A Perfect Time

The success or crashing of any event or organized chat starts with timing. This is to say that wrong timing will have a big negative effect on the organized tweetchat.

So, it is also important to look into Timing. Find a way to set up the meeting or tweetchat in a time that your followers are free, in order to accommodate a larger number of participant.

Based of statistical report from Kissmetrics, higher number of tweets occurs after 5 p.m. during weekdays.

However, if you’ve got followers who base outside your resident country, it’s best to also consider them.

The best way to do so is by either choosing a time perfect for the two set of followers, or organizing the tweetchat in two (2) different timezones; one for your local audience and the other for the foreign ones.

Communicating With Your Followers

Your followers can only join an event or tweetchat that they know, seen or have heard about. They can’t know if you don’t inform them, they aren’t spirits.

In a bid to successfully host a twitter chat, you must maintain communication with your audience. Tell them your plans, show them what’s coming their way!

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To make it a bit more spicy–interesting, you can go as far as inviting guests with higher follower or twitter influencers; both those who follow you and those who don’t.

Why? This is because their presence alone can help pull extra audience for you.

Publicizing Your Plans

Before the event proper, or tweetchat, it is very important that you let your audience or followers understand what the tweetchat is all about.

People; in this case your twitter followers will love to join events or tweetchats that are beneficial to them. If they stand to gain something, spit it out. If you seek to successfully host a twitter chat, they must know your plans.

Most followers don’t join tweetchats or organized events, simply because they’ve got no clue about them. If it’s just an occasion for publicity, tell them, if it’s a question and answer session, tell them. You just have to tell them!

This silly mistake is made by few organizers though.

Exploring Available Twitter Tools

Organising a twitter chat has never been this easier with the right twitter tools. It is optional, yet, quite advisable to consider using some available twitter tools as you plan to host a twitter chat.

Twitter tools such as Hootsuite or/and TweetChat can go a long way in assisting you. Furthermore, a hashtag tracking tool such as Socialert can come in handy, on your quest to host a twitter chat.

host a twitter chat
6 Things To Do Before You Host A Twitter Chat

You have got nothing to worry about as you intend hosting your very first or subsequent twitter chats, just put these highlights into consideration, and Boom! You’re are there.

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