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How To Grow A YouTube Channel

How To Grow A YouTube Channel
How To Grow A YouTube Channel
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Best Ways To Grow A YouTube Channel

Creating professional videos and uploading them on your YouTube platform is great, but not great enough to let you relax or grow your YouTube Channel. There’s more to it than just creating and uploading your videos.

Growing a YouTube Channel, especially yours can be very frustrating; if you already own a YouTube channel, then you understand what I’m talking about.

Sometimes, mere looking at the poor growth (subscribers or/and views) you do get, you think of closing your YouTube channel.

In this resource, I will be sharing with you the easiest method on how to grow a YouTube Channel.

So, we will be looking at the following;

  • Introduction & YouTube Channel Growth Tools
  • Grow A YouTube Channel With VidIQ

Before you close that YouTube Channel of yours out of frustration, I advise you go through this resource, I’m sure you will have a change of mind at the end.

Introduction & YouTube Channel Growth Tools

Inasmuch as creating highly professional videos (videos in HD) is your first step towards growing your YouTube Channel, there’s more to be done–that could even discourage you.

However, there’s a good news! Growing your YouTube Channel can be more easier now, unlike before. Because there are developed software tools now available that can help one grow a YouTube channel.

There are many of them, in fact hundreds of them promising to assist grow a YouTube Channel.

Although, they are numerous, there are just two out of others that can be more reliable and efficient. They are;

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For the now, Lets talk about VidIQ – what it is and how to grow a YouTube Channel with it.

VidIQ is a FREE/PREMIUM YouTube Channel Optimization software tool that helps YouTube Channel owners develop their channels into a more better video channel. It has wonderful Youtube features for both Free plan users and premium users.

It is a reliable video marketing tool with available provisions for both new and popular Youtube publishers.

What can VidIQ do for you as a Youtube Channel Owner? It accurately scans or analyzes your Youtube account in order to provide detailed insights that would assist you in growing your YouTube channel.

More so, based on its scanned data, it supplies video analytics that would enable you to understand how your viewers are interacting with your videos.

Furthermore, if you are pleased with its services, you can upgrade to a VidIQ premium plan which starts at Ten Dollars ($10) per month.

Grow A YouTube Channel With VidIQ

The first step one needs to take in order to grow a YouTube Channel with this tool, is to head over to the VidIQ website, and create an account.

Grow A Youtube Channel With VidIQ

After which, you will be prompted to connect your YouTube account to your VidIQ account. Once that’s done successfully, you will see your YouTube videos live on your VidIQ dashboard. Its that simple.

So, what are you expected to do afterwards? Nothing difficult to understand or do.

You just have to start sorting your videos columns. Though, this action is optional, but it’s somewhat important as it will give you an organized insights of your video performances.

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Going further, you then have to optimize your videos by changing selected video titles, descriptions and tags into something more SEO optimized. Of course, you should know that when it comes to tips on how to grow a YouTube Channel, the channel SEO Optimization settings (mentioned above) are the basics things to start with.

The most exciting feature the VidIQ software tool have is the “Tag Suggestion“.
This feature is available to both premium users and free users–(limited version).

This feature is the most important Youtube Channel Growth contributor. Because, the tag feature helps increase the visibility of your videos by 4X.


All you have to do is just type a few letters of the keyword or character you want to tag, and boom! It pushes up lots of tag suggestions related to what you were about writing. You can tag up to 50 keywords or characters, isn’t that superb? Sure it is.

So, the more tags you use (within the range of 50), the more video and channel visibility you get. Hopefully, if your video contents are quite engaging, your guest viewers will turn into active YouTube channel subscribers

If you have ever thought of how to grow a YouTube channel or how people grow their YouTube Channels, then this tool is for you.

How To Grow A YouTube Channel
How To Grow A YouTube Channel

Tubebuddy is yet another great tool that can assist any YouTube publisher grow a YouTube channel. I will be writing about this tool later, so stay tuned. While you keep waiting, I will advise that you try out VidIQ, come back here, and share your experiences.

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