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5 Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales

5 Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales
5 Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales
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Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales

In pursuit for business engagement, a lot of brands have welcomed explicit use of email marketing or campaigning.

Years before now, e-mails where just used for personal messaging purposes, however, there’s more to that now, as over 75% of products and services, or sales can be made via the use email.

This resource covers the 5 email marketing hacks that drive sales. In order to fasten your learning and ease understanding on this broad subject, the followings are what we will be looking into:

  • Understanding Your Clients or Customers
  • Developing Exceptional Contents
  • Individualizing Customer Communications
  • Categorizing Email Subscribers
  • Checkmating Email Service

If you really want to improve on your use of email marketing, then these 5 email marketing hacks are for you. Moving forward, lets discuss the first email marketing hack. Please, keep reading.

1st Hack: Understanding Your Clients or Customers

The first step you need to take is knowing who your email subscribers or email customer audience are. It is not enough to just acquire and start sending emails to your subscribers without gathering few facts about them, if not all. For a better engaging or result-oriented email marketing, you must have to consider developing your customers’ profile (also called Buyer Personas) that can guide you or give you insight on what strategy is best to forward emails to them.

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Email Marketing Tips

Understanding or having an insight of your email subscribers will save you unnecessary mistakes such as misconception of gender, country etc. We will discuss this further soon, so keep reading.

Before we get to that, lets look at the 2 of 5 email marketing hacks that drive sales.

2nd Hack: Developing Exceptional Contents

At the first place, what makes an email campaign successful, captivating or engaging is its content–texts, videos, graphics/images and other contextual materials like Gif, Voice notes or recordings etc.

It is of outermost importance that you make use of various easy-to-understand contextual materials while developing an email campaign. Not just that, but making sure that your content is uniquely arranged to fit in. What you may not know is that the level of content excellence found  on your email campaign will directly or indirectly determine whether your email open rate (OR) or/and Click Through Rate (CTR) will increase or not.

Before you send that email campaign, please wait! Are you implementing the third hack? No? Please keep reading!

3rd Hack: Individualizing Customer Communications

What does this entails? Did you know that customers are very much in love seeing their names mentioned in emails they receive? It amuses them, resulting to joyous reactions like:

“OMG, how come?” “My Goodness, like seriously who knows me?”

It makes them super happy, as it shows that you or your brand cares.

However, when it comes to individualizing communications with your customers, there are lots of things you could personalize, things like;  name, age, location product preference etc.

Depending on how you set up your online shop, or shopping cart and checkout pages; these customer data are made available to you by your customers while trying to engage with your brand, usually for the first time.

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Making use of them will assist you in individualizing your future interactions with you clients, which in return yield more sales and customer trust.

Have you been sending emails for quite sometime now, and things seem to be working or/and failing? It’s high time you introduced the 4 of 5 email marketing hacks that drive sales to either fortify your progress or reduce failures. So, lets continue learning.

4th Hack: Categorizing Email Subscribers

What does this actually mean? It’s that simple.

As an e-commerce business owner or an employed personnel that makes use of the email marketing system, it is vital to group your email subscribers. Generally, this grouping could be in form of;

  • Active Customers & Inactive Customers  [Or]
  • Customer Psychology & Demographics

Whatever way you choose to group them, the end-deal is to understand your audience and their behavior towards your emails and products/services.

However, this is way too more than the normal grouping based on their age or locations. You can further categories your email subscribers based on;

  • Those who do open your email campaign (email marketing providers like Mailchimp have a way of providing such data)
  • Subscribers’ budget spend (that is, based on the amount of cash they spend) etc

And finally, just before you hit the “SEND” button, put to practice, the last email marketing hack that would help you increase sales.

Last Hack: Checkmating Email Service

Don’t be in haste, neither should you think that this last step is a waste of time. No! In fact, if you as a digital marketer; in this case, an email marketer don’t checkout or test run all you’ve done from the beginning, you might find yourself in a pitiable state sooner or later.

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Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales
Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales

You must have to review and test run whatever setups you have done from A-Z to avoid sending an email campaign housing grammatical errors, poor content formatting, and all other kinds of errors. Such errors are preventable, if you review your campaigns before forwarding, and at the same time, irreversible when you forward them without review. After reviewing your email campaign, you should send the email to one of your mails to see how it looks like.

Save your business from brand degradation by making sure you subject every freshly setup email campaign under check, so as to avoid sabotaging your own efforts.


It is advisable to master these 5 email marketing hacks that increase sales before embarking on your email campaign journey. This will help cut off unnecessary cost that may result from incompetence and unprofessionalism in the use of email marketing to engage with customers for the purpose of triggering sales.

5 Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales
5 Email Marketing Hacks That Drive Sales

Now that you’ve learnt these hacks, you should expect making double sales of whatever you have been earning; provided you implement these 5 email marketing hacks in the correct way. You’re always welcomed to share your testimonies or experiences via the comment section.


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