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Creating Landing Pages: The What, Why And How

Creating Landing Pages
Creating Landing Pages (The What, Why And How)
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Creating Landing Pages

Let me start by letting you know that Landing page differs from the regular site homepage that you know. That shouldn’t come across your mind when you hear people mention “Landing Pages”.

Today, we will dive into the creation of Landing pages. To make this a little bit interesting, I decided to break the LANDING PAGE teaching today into three (3) sections;

  • The WHAT
  • The HOW and
  • The WHY

If you don’t understand them literally, just keep calm, as I will rephrase them into something more understandable.

Quickly, lets look at the first section;

What Is Landing Page? (The WHAT)

Just like I explained above, landing pages are quite very different from the regular Front page/Home Pages you know.

Simply put together, a single sales-driven page. It is specifically created to ensure or make direct sales. Unlike Homepages, landing pages do not link to other pages on your website neither do they posses a navigation bar.

Now that you have understood what Landing Pages are and how they differ from Homepages, we can now proceed with the second section, which is ‘The Why”.

The Benefits Of Creating A Landing Page (The WHY)

For brands and businesses strictly into digital marketing and online strategic sales-making, Landing pages are highly beneficial.

There are lots of benefits a brand or business can derive from using a Landing page, which I can otherwise call a “Direct Sales Page), but the most common benefits are;

  • Being in a single page format, they are very easy and fast to set up, permitting you as a brand to directly market to leads.
  • Landing Pages makes it quite very simple to Measure sales data and analytics.
  • The use of a Landing Page helps provide additional information that you couldn’t have listed or written in your normal paid advertisements.
  • Landing pages also help you brands to build up relationships via email collections, which at the end gives room to market extra products later.
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At this juncture, I know that you are amazed. Well, it isn’t enough to know just “The WHAT and The WHY”.

There is every reason for you as a brand to know how to create a Landing Page. It’s important that you understand the structures involved I’m the creation of Landing Pages.

This leads us to the last section of my teaching in this resource, which is “The HOW”

How To Set Up A Landing Page And The Structures Involved (The HOW)

In this section, I will start by letting you know that some websites or rather plugins provide FREE already made Landing pages that you can edit to fit you need. They are called Landing Page templates, where some are free and some are paid. This means whichever you choose, you don’t need to start from the scratch to build one. All you do is EDIT.

To mention but a few, Elementor and Beaver Builder are the best Landing Page sites or plugins with more better Landing Page Templates (FREE and PAID).

Inasmuch as there are free templates, or even paid templates brands can use, most times, such templates may not meet up to the needs of your brand or business. Perhaps, such will lead you into creating one for your brand, but this time, from scratch.

Now, if you are one of those brands wanting to create their Landing pages from scratch, please keep reading.

Below, I have outlined, and given explanations to the most important structures you must encounter or have to look into while creating a wonderful or suitable Landing Page:

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The Headline:

It is 100% advisable to always start your headline with something or words more EXCITING, something capable of grabbing your clients’ or prospective customers’ attention.

Well you should know that there’s no page, article or projects without a headline. Your concern here is to make your headline extra captivating, well enough to trigger sales.

To ensure this happens, you must ensure your fonts have different sizes, this would help expose your POWER WORDS.

The Substitution Text:

Like you mostly see in professionally created Landing Pages, you should insert sub texts that further defines the headline and in return, trigger sales.

Your Landing Copy:

Avoid making your copy bulky or compressed. A good copy must be precise, stating summary benefits of your services. You should always remember this while creating landing pages.

Landing Page Form:

Every responsive and productive Landing page has a form on it. This form enable you gather leads—emails or rather data that can prolong your connection with your buyers even when you are done with the sales. So it is very important that you try to make your form is brief as possible. Don’t demand much information about your intending customers, as this may lead to unnecessary misconceptions. Keep it simple when creating landing pages.

Landing Page Image or Video:

Have you noticed that all the landing pages you’ve encountered have one or two images or/and pictures? Yes!, it is that important if you want a productive sales page.

It is however, important that you add to your landing page(s), pictures or videos of such products or services they intend buying or paying for. It has a way of fastening their Purchase Decision Making. Don’t forget this while creating your landing pages.

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Your Social Media Links:

To some brands, this isn’t necessary. But here I am, telling you that it mandatory, however, not compulsory.

Calm down, it’s no bad thing earning followings from your customers as they convert.

Call To Action:

Boom!, this Is what it is; THE POWER BUTTONS. They are those words or buttons that push customers to convert after going through your amazing copy. You should know that this is a very important aspec when creating landing pages.

As important as it is, you must make sure that they are positioned very BOLD.

And finally, before you begin creating landing pages;

Your Landing Page Logo:

You might be asking why this came last. Please, this doesn’t mean that your logo should be the last thing. It is a matter of choice, as some brands prefer to add their logo at the beginning of the page, and some at the end. But, I strongly recommend that you add you logo both at the beginning and at the end, it makes your brand CATCHY.

So ladies and gentlemen, small businesses and large businesses, you can now see that CREATING LANDING PAGES is as important as registering your brand. Don’t bother about it, if you don’t need to make massive sales.

Creating Landing Pages
Creating Landing Pages (The What, Why And How)

I believe this resource taught you something today. Have you created your landing page? If yes, what’s was your experience, and if no, what’s the delay about?. Feel free to talk about it using the comment box.


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