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Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth

Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth
Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth
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Content Marketing Advice That Will Grow Your Brand

Content Marketing is the heart and king of Digital Marketing. The first step towards excelling in the digital marketing field is to know how best to put up contents, and position them before the right people–your customers. And if you don’t know how to go about it, then I strongly believe that listening to content marketing advice will come in handy.

In digital marketing, the workload lies around the copy or content you produce. Once you are able to write professional copies of what your brand wants to market, you’re 65% done.

In this resource, I will be sharing with you 11 content marketing advice that will grow your brand. So, sit tight and read along.

11 Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth

Work On Expanding Your Audience:

This is the bedrock of any content marketing organization. Every business or brand feels a strength to continue functioning when they know that they’ve got a large audience or customer base. The more potential customers see your content, the higher you stand to gain patronage. How can you do that? You would know soon.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Website Version:

It’s no news that a larger proportion of the world population make use a mobile phones. In fact, every household do own a smartphone before acquiring other master gadgets. So, you will be at advantage when you have a mobile version of your site.

Content marketing adviceMore so, this will enable you adjust your contents (articles, images, videos etc) to a more friendly format, as guided by your optimized mobile site.

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Write Captivating & SEO Friendly Topics/Headlines:

This should be one of your major guides while writing a content or AD copy. There are thousands of websites or blogsite that may be offering the same service you offer, a unique + search engine optimized headline will make you stand out, above competitors.

Develop Unique/Top Notch Content:

Gone are those days when you can rank on search after hijacking or copying contents from other blogs or websites. Search engines (like Google, bing) etc are now way too smarter than ever. I stand to remind you that you’re going no where with plagiarized contents. Develop yours! Project/publish your own branded contents, and see yourself friends with search engines.

Include Videos As Part Of Your Content Resource:

Did you know that video content marketing plays a huge role in business growth and visibility? You should know now. Including videos in your content will help boost your search ranking speed, as it has a lot to say about your brand expertise and authoritative knowledge. According to reports from Hubspot, every average internet user watches a 90 minutes video clip on a daily basis.

Write Contents In A Shareable Format:

This is one of the most important content marketing advice you need to give in to. In fact, it’s creates room for customer engagement.

Content marketing adviceHaving your contents shared by your users is more like a publicity bonus to your brand.

Always Go Back To Update Old Contents:

You should be very sensitive of this, especially if your brand focuses on evergreen contents–contents that could stand the test of time. This is important, so as to retain the relevancy of such contents. We are in the world where anything can happen, so once new things happen that affect a written content, you should go back and make an update.

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Explore E-mail Marketing Options:

As a digital marketer or business tycoon, this is yet but another content marketing advice you should never joke with. In this digital age, 95% of smartphone owners have an email account; especially the one from google–gmail. Making use of an email marketing system will so increase your customer reach. Having users or customers follow-up your branded contents via email is a huge achievement.

Consider Writing More Of Evergreen Contents:

Writing evergreen contents places brands on a long-term relevancy score. More over, a company will enjoy whatever benefits its content has to offer for a long period of time, as far as such content remains relevant from time to time. An evergreen content is one that can fetch you revenue in a long period of time, which could be in months (or in years–recommendable).

Promote Your Contents:

Recall that at the beginning, I wrote about “Expanding Your Audience”. Now, this is how you do it. Have you ever wondered why popular brand with quite a good number of page followers or customers still run promotions? Yea, the vision is to keep expanding audience. No amount of audience is too big for a business, so keep expanding.

Schedule Your Content Marketing:

Introducing a content marketing calendar will not only ensure your brand has a consistent content flow, it will also ensure that you produce only but the best quality of contents; since you have seen the end from the beginning. Above all, it accords credibility and professionalism to a brand.


As a digital marketer, you should learn to always treat content as king, because, for surety, it is. Believe you me, if you try to follow these content marketing advice and put them into good practice, struggling with business growth or sales wouldn’t be your story to tell.

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Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth
Content Marketing Advice For Brand Growth

So what are you waiting for? You can go ahead and give them a try. I am always stationed at the comment section to receive your testimonies. Get to work my good friend!

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