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Ways To Improve Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Engagement
Improve Customer Engagement
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My Easy Ways To Improve Customer Engagement

As you know, one thing is to have an Online Presence, and the other is to know how to utilize it effectively for a better result.

Driving customer engagement on social media seems to be easier as it sounds, but if you’ve tried doing so, you could tell that it isn’t that easy.

Customer Engagement is a necessity for every Brand online. And today, we will be dwelling on it.

I have compiled 6 easy ways you as a brand, can improve or increase your customer engagement. They are:

Initiate Customer Interaction

You already know that the initial creation of social media platforms was not for advertisment. They were created for interaction with family and friends, regardless of distance. Now, you could merge that function to your operational business.

You can start up conversations with customers or prospective clients on your media pages or groups. This has a way of making them have a sense of belonging, it makes them feel very important to you than there money, which is a good line to start with.

Customers enjoy and would prefer mastering a new merchandise and services on social media, as they also like sharing their good or bad experiences with business brands.

When you engage actively with your customers online, it creates trust between you and them, and such continuous act can lead to an increase in your customer strength.

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On the other hand, failure to initiate a good communication with your customers could lead to a decline in your customer base. Online customer find it very interesting to see their favourite brand or however, an entirely random brand post something that isn’t just about money sometimes.

Organize Online Contests Everybody Would Love To Participate

Its no news that a large number of people (customers) love online contests. No matter the media platform(s) you engage with them, on hearing the word “Contest” it lifts their spirit of patronage, because there’s something for the winner at the end. Yea, the feeling is naturally too.

For instance, when it comes to setting up online contests, Instagram having over 300 million users has every tool you need to actualize that.

Conduct Product Or Customer Surveys

One of the newest functions of social media, is the ability to run a survey. Now, you can as well use this tool for your business growth and customer engagement.

Conducting Surveys assist you in understanding what your customers think about your brand, products or/and services. It gives your customers the privilege to share their experience with the brand or, even let you know how effective your brand has been. Here, they can either rate you up or rate you down, either ways, it will alert you on necessary areas of your business that needs a touch of improvement. Doing so will improve your customer engagement.

Target Existing Customers Using Facebook Advertisement

Yes that’s right, I know how you’re feeling about this right now. But, trust me, that’s even more necessary.

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Let me break it down for you.

Facebook AD Targeting
Facebook AD Targeting

As a brand, you have a higher chance to get patronized by your already existing customers (people who have in one way or the other done business with you). If you brand is producing a new product or rendering new services, your existing customers are likely to order them first. Why? Because it’s not their first time buying from you. So, the trust is already there without extra efforts, which you must put in, if they were to be new customers.

Boost Your Popular Posts

Again, as an online enterprise, there are some of your publications that are organically doing well without paid sponsorship. It will be wise to promote such publications for a wider reach, since such publications have proven their possibility of captivating customers or potential clients.

Improve Customer Engagement Via FB Boosted Posts
Improve Customer Engagement Via FB Boosted Posts

It can never be a waste, however, it is going to be very advantageous to your brand. Putting in a little amount of money to boost such posts will yield you more visibility. This for sure, is another way to improve customer engagement.

Engage Customers Using Video

According to notable and popular statistics, there are over 7.5 billion populates that enjoy watching videos on Facebook, talk more on YouTube and other platforms. Engaging customers using Video has a way of improving customer engagement by 7X, so your brand must not neglect such a mouth watering engagement format.

Inasmuch as we know that producing or using a video to improve customer engagement can be costlier, we can’t still hide the fact that it yields more engagement. So, if you’ve got the resource it takes to engage them using videos, I strongly advise that you go for it. And if you don’t have enough resources to venture into that, please plan for it.

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Who knows, some of your inactive customers are patiently waiting for you to create a video. So, do not relent. These are simple ways to improve customer engagement.

Improve Customer Engagement
Improve Customer Engagement

Are there other easier ways you think you can increase customer engagement or is there one perfectly working for you? Come to the comment section, lets talk about it. I will be waiting.


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