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5 SEO Friendly Content Hacks

5 SEO Friendly Content Hacks
5 SEO Friendly Content Hacks
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SEO Friendly Content Hacks

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Developing great contents has shifted from just updating your business site. Every entrepreneur or brand if asked, would prefer the right customers to see or read their content. This however, leaves you no choice but to aim for greater rank on search engines pages.

Again, developing exceptional contents is very vital if you must put up a better impression on your clients or prospective customers.

No digital marketing oriented brand skips SEO when talking about content marketing, as they both go hand in gloves.

To some small business minds, developing a SEO optimized content is really difficult. However, that’s a huge fallacy. Once you are able to create unique contents, I assure you that you’re already on your way to a better SEO. All you need to do is only but a little game step up.

Enjoying the benefits of Search Engine Optimization in your Content Marketing, which is to have your contents ranked on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines comes with a few tasks.

In this resource, I will take you through the 4 SEO Friendly Content Hacks, and here they come.

The 4 SEO Friendly Content Hacks:

1st Hack: Always Take A Unique Approach

Developing a Search Engine Optimized Content has to do with Originality. It has to, because the second you replicate scrapped contents, SEO or ranking becomes impossible.

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If you must match or beat your competitors on search result pages, then you must be eager to produce genuine and original content—one free from plagiarism.

Are you aware that the easiest key way to enhance your brand’s SEO is by getting different authentic similar sites or brands link to you. Now, such authentic similar brands will only link to you (get you backlinks) if you do offer something way too special, original, unique.

2nd Hack: Pick The Most Relevant Keywords

Having your Content rank higher on search engine, which in return increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) also has to do with the choice of keyword(s) in place.

SEO friendly Contents keywords
SEO friendly Contents keywords

Always pick a keyword that has to do with your brand and more especially, the content you want to create. First and foremost, avoid picking a keyword that as a very high search volume, because such keywords have been proven very difficult to rank even by some of your competitors that you consider hard to defeat or match. If you rightly choose your keywords or keyphrases, you have a chance of appearing on the first page of search engines for most of your contents published, if not all.

To improve your Keyword or Keyphrase decision-making, consider;

  • Embarking On A Keyword Search Using Available Keyword Research Tools
  • Shortlisting And Brainstorming Your List Of Preferred Keywords
SEO long-tail keywords
SEO long-tail keywords

3rd Hack: Efficiently Enhance Your Headlines

It will interest you to know that when your prospective clients or customers surf Bing or Google to search for something, they are frequently confronted with a quantity of choices on the first page. Having a very attractive, yet genuine headline for your ranking contents lures such clients or prospective customers to your site. Learn to make your headlines brief, if possible, less than 60 characters.

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Final Hack: Aim For Higher Content Readability

Content readability is all about having your article, contents or resource well structured. The simplicity of your content matters a lot, when it comes to SEO. Always Keep your sentences short so as to ensure your users, readers or customers simplicity in understanding.

In addition, do not fail to also add relevant photos or images as they can contribute to Content simplicity or understanding.


Content marketing can only be leveraged and enjoyed, if you’ve got your content before a large crowd of users or customers. And the easiest way to actualize that is to ensure that such content is SEO Friendly. The question I’ve got for you now is, HOW SEO FRIENDLY ARE YOUR CONTENTS?

5 SEO Friendly Content Hacks
5 SEO Friendly Content Hacks
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