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Ways To Grow Facebook Group And Market Your Business

How To Grow Facebook Group
How To Grow Facebook Group
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How To Grow Facebook Group

Everyone wants to own a Facebook group, but not everyone knows how to grow or manage a Facebook group efficiently for business marketing purpose.

Today, I decided to make out time to teach you how to effectively grow that Facebook group for productive business deals ahead of you.

Mere looking at the Table of contents, you may assume it is simple but that’s kind of a mirage, it is not as easy as it may appear to you.

But, I believe if you stick to the content of this resource, you would experience a wonderful outcome.

If you have ever lamented over how impossible the growth of your Facebook group has become, then this resource is for you.

We will be discussing the five (5) practical and most effective ways to grow that Facebook group of yours for marketing purposes.

And the five steps are:

Growing Your Facebook Group With Intercom

Shortly after creating your Facebook Group, the next step you can take is sending a message to your Friends/Colleagues/Clients/customers with Intercom.

How To Grow A Facebook Group
How To Grow A Facebook Group

With the help of Intercom, your growth goal could be achieved.
You can forward an in-app notifications in Intercom to your Family/Friends/Customers inviting them to be part of your group.

Making Use Of Newsletters

Additionally, you can engage or interact with your customers by sending out newsletter(s) inviting them to be part of your Facebook group.

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Grow Facebook Group With Newsletters
Grow Facebook Group With Newsletters

This act can also be referred to as Email Marketing.

Outreaching On Facebook Messenger

You can equally extend your reach to customers by sending messages on Facebook Messenger to those clients of yours that have already indicated Interest. The shocking truth is that they would for surety, be super glad to be part of your group.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

Lets assume you just started following these steps, and boom! You’re seeing a positive outcome. How do you keep them engaged?

Well, just continue reading as I do justice to that.

Engaging Or/And Tagging Users

Do you know that once you increase the user numerical strength of your Facebook group, your next move should be ENGAGEMENT. And when it comes to the engagement part, everything should not be about yourself or direct advertisements.

Grow Facebook Group Using Facebook Tagging
Grow Facebook Group Using Facebook Tagging

Unnecessary Advertisement(s) can make you lose your active group members.

You can be helpful to them or get to know their desires by throwing questions.

Once you become more of a help to them other than an advertising brand, they would start depending on your Facebook group for virtually everything they need that you provide.

Give Them The Sense Of Being An Exceptional Facebook Community

Is this quite simple to achieve? Yes! It is when you offer them some exclusive membership advantages.

EXTRA: I have outlined the best Facebook group managerial policies you can apply, they are:

  • Never make the group all about yourself
  • Table questions (in return, be ever ready to use the solutions to enhance your business)
  • Your 2/4/7 availability To Assist matters alot
  • Avoid setting many regulations (this has killed many business groups)
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In Summary, having a very active Facebook group with a reasonable membership population is a huge advantage to any business.

In this era where the organic reach of Facebook pages has dropped drastically compared to before, owning a productive Facebook Group is a better LEAD!

How To Grow Facebook Group
How To Grow Facebook Group

With commitment, curiosity and creativity you will get there. Don’t just get tired yet, cheers!.


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