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2020 REVIEW: My Best Backlink Checker Tools

The 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools
The 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools
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My Best Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink checking is very important, as far as your business has a website or blogsite.

Understanding Backlinks

The desire of every blogger or website owner is to earn a large number of Quality Backlinks. According to recent Backlinks reports and SEO statistics, a lot has changed over the years.

Before now, all a site requires to rank better is just to have a large number of backlinks. However, now, it isn’t so. It is no longer based on the total number of backlinks a site or blog possesses, but rather what matters is the total number of QUALITY backlinks. Please note the difference.

If you must enjoy better blog or website ranking on search engines, especially that of Google, then all your web strategies should point towards gaining Healthy or Quality backlinks.

In this resource, we will be looking into the 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools in 2020. I guess that’s why you are here, so keep reading.

More so, before we proceed, let me ask, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT A BACKLINK IS?”

If yes, please skip to the next paragraph, and if no. I am glad to explain. I know I’ve explained it before, but I just want to make sure you understand what it really means. In a lame man language; it is that situation where a website links to yours or any of your site pages.

NOTE: For a website to link to yours, it means your content is original (in other words, you offer value to them or their business).

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More over, you should also know that Backlinks are of two types:

  • The No-follow backlinks and
  • The Dofollow backlinks

For your benefit, Dofollow backlinks are the most important and sought for.

You may be asking yourself about the need to use the best backlink checker tools. Yea, I felt that way while I was a novice.

The importance of using the best backlink checker tools needs not to be over emphasized as it assist you in tracking the number of backlinks your website or blog has accumulated over the years, months, weeks or days. It helps you to closely monitor whether your backlinks are increasing or decreasing over time.

Some of the shortlisted best backlink checker tool do offer detailed results whereas, few supply just the backlinks actual figures number of backlinks.

The good news is that none ask for sign ups, making the whole checking process faster.

Below are the 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools (2020 Review):


SEMrush is the most popular tool recognized by thousands of statistical sites.

SEMrush Best Backlink Checker Tool
SEMrush Best Backlink Checker Tool

Inasmuch as the backlink checker tool has been in existence for years, they keep updating to exciting features yearly or quarterly, in fact, they have so grown to become a great SEO suite.

SEMrush operates a quite very extensive database that is renewed overtime, giving its users access to spy or view a site’s banklink strength.

In addition, they’ve got a feature that enables users to seek details about the specific country or nation from whence you earn the most linking.

Inspect your backlink with SEMrush

And their most exciting feature is that they offer an efficient backlink comparison tool for the sole purpose of comparing two or more websites’ backlinks.

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The second best backlink checker tools is the Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker (FREE & PAID)

Ahrefs is yet but another backlink checker tool every blogger or site owner should consider trying. They have both free and paid versions.

Users can can easily sight the first 100 backlinks to a website or a webpage (FREE plan) or more (PAID plan).

Ahrefs Best Backlink Checker Tools
Ahrefs Best Backlink Checker Tools

However, you may decide to sign up to enjoy a better backlink analysis together with an anchor text analysis of your blog or website.

Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs also supplies detailed backlinks analysis of a blog or website.

Ahrefs being one of the 3 best backlink checker tools, you can easily view data such as;

  • A Website/Blog rating
  • The Anchor text distribution
  • The Recent or lost backlinks
  • The Dofollow-nofollow link

Inspect your Backlink with Ahrefs

And the last, but not the least among the 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools is the OpenLinkProfiler.


Lets assume that you have tried out the two other backlink checker tools above, and still want to try out another.

OpenLinkProfiler should certainly be your next choice, as the tool offers various choices as you’re doing a backlink check.

OpenLinkProfiler Backlink Checker Tool
OpenLinkProfiler Best Backlink Checker Tools

We are lucky to have this backlink checker tool as a free one designed by the SEOProfiler team.

Additionally, OpenLinkProfiler provides a large number of variant features and outputs as it permits users to track the latest backlinks + other backlinks to your site.

Inspect your backlink with OpenLinkProfiler

The most exciting feature of this tool is that you can freely export 1000 latest backlinks (in .csv format).

This backlink checker tool is a free tool, which offers little premium features for nothing.

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The 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools
The 3 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Knowing that there are over 200 active backlink checker tools online, I would love to know your taste. Are there tools that beat those already listed here? Kindly notify me via the comment section. I will be waiting.


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