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YouTube Rank Tracker Tools For Growth Analysis

2 Best YouTube Rank Tracker Tools
2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools
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YouTube Rank Tracker Tools

If you are deeply concerned about finding out the ranking of your YouTube videos or monitor your YouTube video ranking position, maybe lets say for a specific keyword, then you MUST need a better (if not just good) YouTube Rank Tracker.

Today, via this article, I will be revealing to you the 2 best, and dependable YouTube rank tracker tools you can make use of in ranking any of your YouTube videos.

If this interests you, then keep reading.

The 2 Best YouTube Video Rank Checker tools:

  1. AccuRanker YouTube Tracker:
    It’s no news that Accuranker is a famous YouTube channel rank monitoring tool which has a beginner-friendly interface. This video rank monitoring tool lets you track position on YouTube, Bing or/and Google.

In order to make use of the AccuRanker YouTube rank monitoring tools, you must first create an account (They even provide a free trial), and add your YouTube channel.

2 Best YouTube Rank Tracker Tools
2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools

However, you may need your YouTube channel URL (ID) to begin tracking keywords.

Moving forward, you have to add the Keywords that you want to track. Subsequently, you can make use of Studio.youtube.com to discover the key phrases that are fetching unique visitors to your YouTube channel, and add it to AccuRanker.

After adding the keywords or keyphrases, AccuRanker would require some time to discover the actual rating of your already published YouTube videos.

Afterwards, you will constantly see the YouTube rank of any tracked keyphrase or keyword to decipher if your ranking is scaling up or going down.

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         2. TubeBuddy:

Tubebuddy is yet but another tool any serious YouTuber can use.

How To Use TubeBuddy Keyword Tracking tool:

  • Install Tubebuddy chrome extension
  • Sign in to your Tubebuddy dashboard and click on Search Rank Tracking — Keyword To Track, and then add a list of keywords or keyphrases that you need to track
  • After adding the video keywords or keyphrases that you need to monitor the ranking, simply click on “Ranking Reports”, and from there you can see the ranking of your videos.

The unique feature of this tool is that you could also view the list of other videos that outranks yours.

To get started, simply install their chrome extension, and you’re good to go!

In addition, Tubebuddy provides a report analysis scheduling feature, that auto-send video rating record to you by e-mail each week or month (which is totally configurable).

More so, TubeBuddy unique feature is accessible from Legend plan ranging from $49, letting you track 50 key phrases on Google and YouTube. To track limitless video keywords, you need the enterprise plan.

In summary, you may wonder which of the two is the pleasant YouTube video key-word rank checker tool for you

Well, for an agency, AccuRanker is cost effective. For video bloggers who desire to track only but limited range of video keywords, TubeBuddy is the bump.

Am I missing anything, or are there other tools presumed to be better, feel free to share with me via the comment box. Cheers!


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